Naked Kitchen ?

April 25th, 2010

Yeah you heard it right…when Kingdavid can’t should a bunch of butt naked girls in a Lockerroom project he must improvise…so sure let’s shoot a bunch of bare butt poopers in our kitchen to warm them up a bit to the big ” main course “…and you know? …that recipe seems to be working ! Watch for alot of killer bare butt Naked Kitchen segments ( with emphasis on BOOTY ! )…mixed in with all our new HD pooping and farting releases…now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about !



April 25th, 2010

Well we have two gorgeous new Self Shoots starlets that look to really shine this year and later !

Both were high svhool hails from the South…a gorgeous bubble butt ebony dumper by the name of COCOA..She always seems to have a TON of gas in her red hot coed body !She is destined for superstardom with her big does eyes an fat stink poops ! And now she has brought along with her fellow 19 year old cut as a button nasty pooper SHANNON into the mix !SHANNON is a gorgeous blonde midwest girl who loves to ” hold ” her rock hard turds in her until they MUST come out ! And out they DO come…some REAL masterpieces…you will be quite impressed !So check out both of the red hot bffs in upcomium CGP Premiuym and Sel Shoots titles coming up !

cocoa and friend

New Rising Star BAYLEE !

April 25th, 2010

Now that the harsh winter months are behind us…we have been hit by a flurry of new poop starlets to grace our studios…well guess what ?? Another cute as can be ebony BIG dumping cheerleader comes aboard  !
She hails from the posse of poop darlings SHANNON and COCOA…but this girl just MAY be our newest rising poop star that pushes out serious rock hard masterpieces…time after glorious time !
Her name is BAYLEE…and she will be featured with BFF poop partner in crime COCOA on some brand new CGP Premium HD release being released soon as well as new AWESOME clips on our upcoming Members Site…check it out !!


The Irresistible KARMA !

April 25th, 2010

We are quite pleased to announce the debut of a quirky yet absolutely adorable new CGP Pooper and Farter…she hails from rainy Seattle and goes by the name KARMA…yeah you heard it ….K A R M A…and the way she is unloading her highly organic food poops…a bunch of good karma has been bestowed on us for sure !  She teaches dance here in the city and needed a part time gig….so we gave her an audition…and BINGO……..this cute as can be 23 year old can really drop a nice load ! You know the kind we like so much…the FAT and NOBBY variety…..that’s her !!
So we will feature her alot on our newer Premium  HD releases along with getting her started on the Self Shoots formats as well…so there seems to be NO limit to our latest starlets pooping potential…

As always….Kingdavid

karma poop plate

We Totally Love Biker Babes!!

October 24th, 2009

screenshot_12 The classic series BIKER CHICKS POOPING is still going as strong as ever ! We will you continue to produce the classic Biker films like the past …and put a more current 2010 and beyond spin to these tattooed big poopers…watch for more titles in the coming new year ..including more new editions to our HUGELY successful BIKER CHIX FLIX SERIES we introduced this year !!

The Classic Brazil Series Is Back !

October 24th, 2009

cgpBRAZIL 1_2You remember SOFEA and her good pal…blonde bombshell Poop Icon LIVEA…doing all the poop parties and solo pooping down in South Brazil a few years back ?? It is where it ALL began and kicked off all the poop shooting in Sao Paolo in the years to come! Catch all the action on this Landmark Series !!

The Hot New CGP Special Edition Series !

August 19th, 2009

wrThe CGP Special Edition Series is kind of a spin off to our World Famous Home Signature line up…just a ton of drop dead gorgeous ladies…pushing out load after load of the biggest…fattesr …hardest turds out there. This is a LIMITED EDITION series…so each one is jammed packed ( well over an hour ! ) with poop scenes…but only a FEW volumes were made…so get them while they last !!

The Poopers Are Now The Directors!

August 19th, 2009

wr-1The CGP Self Shoots Series HD is our NEWEST and probably HOTTEST new series to date !! Just as the title implies …we let our red hot young poopers be the directors to their very own poop cinema masterpieces ! And judging what has been filmed so far…this is gonna be an incredible HIT…many more Self Shoots are coming…stay tuned !

Roadtrip Baby !

August 19th, 2009

wr-10The historic CGP Roadtrip Series sometimes takes a little bit of effort to set up…but as the titles we HAVE made will show…they are truly WORLD CLASS !! From public restrooms…to group toilet stalls…to good old fashioned pooping in the park and down at the beach AND trying to find something to wipe their cute little butts with…you will truly LOVE this unique series !!

Simply Natural

August 19th, 2009

wr-13Yeah the CGP Natural Series…is JUST THAT …loads and loads of hot girls pooping NATURALLY like they would if no one was home…at a public toilet …etc…we like from time to time to get a little closer look at the BIG turds that come out as they grunt away on the pot…so you will see ALOT of poop in this ultra popular series !!

Bare Butts And Big Poops !

August 19th, 2009

wr-4This is MY personal favorite !! I go around the world…pick out the best Lockerrooms to shoot in and bring a TON of beautiful bare butt ladies into them …lots of  gang nudity / showers…and of course a ton of POOPING…both naturally…in toilet stalls and any other way we can shoot them…a true photographer’s voyeuristic DREAM !! Check these HOT new titles out !

Kingdavid World Tour And Beyond

August 19th, 2009

wr-14Our CGP International Series covers everything GLOBAL. Included are the red hot new Kingdavid World Tour releases in Greece and Vienna. Along with our many historic years shooting down in Brasil as well. NO country is safe from the  video rath of poop fanatic Kingdavid !!

Where It All Started

August 19th, 2009

Our Signature Series page has not changed ! These are the high end…” gorgeous girl takes BIG dump ” movies that made us so famous in the first place ! Here you will find the College Girl Icons…the likes of KOEDEE…KAMRYN …KRYSEE and LEXEE ! These titles cost a ton to make..but we are passing the poop pleasure on to our loyal customers !  ALL movies on this page are HIGHLY sought after and of the highest quality…pick them up NOW !

Gorgeous Girl Next Door Pooping !

August 19th, 2009

wr-15Just so nobody gets confused our new category Girls Next Door …used to be the incredibly popular EuROsHoTS Series of the past few years…21 AMAZING volumes of just ” regular ” ( pardon the pun ) …Girls Next Door…pooping for our cameras…there is not a whole lot of music..glitz  or special effects to these incredible HD poop movies…just good old fashioned wall to wall normal girl pooping on them !  TRULY EPIC !!

The Red Hot New CGP California Girls !

August 19th, 2009

wr-5We now have our newest CGP page…The California Girls…where only the very HOTTEST tanned and glowing beauties are seen squeezing out the biggest loads imaginable…you MUST see these new releases!!

Hottest New Starlett – Jezabelle

August 6th, 2008


Well after an extended trip over to Eastern Europe and North Africa for the last couple of months…we are back in the studio…and lo and behold…a brand new 23 year old blue eyed starlet has stepped up to the plate. At first a bit nervous …noting to me ” I don’t even let my boyfriend watch me poop!! “…
she began to unwind…first letting out a couple long streams of bad gas for our cameras… in a pretty loud and deadly way…then after a good homecooked meal in her belly…she came back and pushed out a nice stinky pile for us…not a bad first effort !! She promises us even larger and fatter logs in the future…so we will be watching intensely for her upcoming gifts !!! Her name is JEZABELLE….and she will be featured on an upcoming Signature Series release…along with the yet to be released ( and VERY long awaited )  CGP 17 ….hopefully finished by year’s end . Watch for new very FRESH faces in the coming weeks…I feel lucky…and I think this is just the beginning of some VERY hot new poop footage being made… on the way !!!


Hot New Poopers PAULINE And KISHA

May 25th, 2007


Over the last few weeks we have been privelaged to work with a couple of red hot new College Girls that have the farting and pooping thing down pat. Ever since our CGP Hall Of Famer DRE hung up her poop shoes and left our Superstar RAMONA going solo…we have been without a dynamic duo that has the stage presence as those two…so now you have the wonderful and whacky poop world of 23 year old Ebony Goddess KISHA and 22 year old Euro/ Asian hottie PAULINE….both calling us regularly to poop and fart for the camera…
we have already done some amazing outdoor stuff with both…and we will try some hot new public footage as well coming up.
If you love to see a couple of hotties pooping together and wiping each others butts…like MYLEE and MORA..and RAMONA and DRE…
the hot new duo of PAULINE and KISHA have arrived!! Watch for them on many new CGP releases coming soon!!!

More From The Breakthrough SAO PAOLO 2007 Series

April 11th, 2007


well here you go…

now after the first notification came out regarding our breakthrough 1080i High Definition SAO
PAOLO 2007 SERIES…we had many requests for even more info on this historic 7 volume set
so without further ado…

with the exception of all but TWO of our Brazilian Poop Princesses these gorgeous big poopers are all NEW for 2007!!! one outstanding 27 year old senorita……….was a mega dumper by the name of MONA LISA…
this girl ate a very healthy organic diet of lean meats and veggies with a whole lot of whole
grains and fiber thrown in to give her the power to produce huge rock hard turds…..
the kind that just about everyone loves!!
we also had the pleasure of working with another radiant blonde by the name of DANIELLA that was for a time a print model throughout Sao Paolo and Brazil..well she has a real sense of class about her..but as you will see ..she can get a little dirty from time to time…..we really did capture a GREAT natural potty scene with her doing her business that is sure to please!!!

did I mention farts???

this series contains some of the most outrageous huge farts from a wide variety of our poopers that will blow you away!! on one of the titles we even staged a no holds barred farting and pooping contest….. that is without question one of the most over the top scenes ever shot in the Marcdavid library!!!!

here are some more screens from this monumental series… be sure NOT to miss a one of

as always

New Releases

April 11th, 2007

After a little bit of an inconvenience in the technical end…we are now ready to go on the Fast Track with some HOT new releases!!
We will start by giving you more of the acclaimed EuROsHoTs line of new titles that have that natural organic feel to them…but make NO mistake the girls are very cute and the dumps are VERY big!!
Also on track will be the highly original SCATKISS BRAZIL series…where there is a ton of totally au natural porcelain potty scenes…with a bunch of gas and big poos to boot!!
We have not neglected our Signature Series line with the amazing big BIG dumper…non other than the adorable DAISY….in her first major Marcdavid release DAISY DUMPS….so get ready the poop is gonna fly????


April 6th, 2007


great news!!!

so…this new series we are VERY excited about…it was shot over the 2007 Carnival season down in super hot sunny Sao Paolo Brazil……..we were able to capture a total of SEVEN brand new ultra high quality 1080i High Definition titles…with literally with scores of brand new poop models at our disposal!!

all the other so called fetish / poop sites will offer you poor quality downloads of the same old boring stuff….Marcdavid continues to set the bar…and continues to reinvent the CGP ” brand ” we started internationally so many years ago!!!

our hot new SAO PAOLO 2007 Series has everything one would want in the poop and voyeur formats
from natural potty pooping to ” in you face ” big load dropping…we even have thrown in some outrageous farting scenes and a bare butt multi girl Lockerroom shoot that has to be one of our greatest!!!

we have brought back the legendary bid dumper CASSANDRA for yet another string of outrageous turd dropping scenes …and are introducing our next big Brazilian Icon…the absolutely gorgeous…yet VERY dirty girl attitude gassy girl TACHEE to light up the screen with some truly AMAZING High Def poop footage…

so…..tired of the same old boring and grainy generic poop scenes that are out there nowadays????

stay tuned…these hot new movies will be available very soon!!

Toilet Stall Dumping

March 22nd, 2007


While down in Brazil we took the liberty to shoot another LockerRoom movie…this time in High Definition 1080I brilliant color…and I think it turned out fabulous!!! Of course there was a TON of bare butt horsing around with MANY very lovely
Brazilian garotas…but of course it wouldn’t be a Marcdavid Lockerroom video without some good ole fashioned toilet stall grunting…farting…and of course pooping!!! So you fans that love our CGP Natural Series…I think the latest SAO PAOLO SHOWERS movie…will get you right into a girl’s lockerroom…the way it was intended to be seen!!!

Again watch for this RED HOT release…coming in late Spring / early Summer…it is a voyeur’s wet dream!!!!!


The Magnificent MONA LISA

March 22nd, 2007


Over the ten days of production this time in the summer of Sao Paolo…I met with a few very interesting Brazilian Poopers…I previously mentioned the 23 year old hot little ” dirty girl ” TACHEE…that pretty much would do it all for our cameras…from all sorts of farting and pooping…to choreographed naked line dancing in the Sao Paolo Gang Showers!!
Well she had one or two ” partners in crime ” in her deviant but oh so sexy endeavors…the one that continues to pop up is 27 year old porcelain skinned bubble butt big dumper MONA LISA. We are talking ” healthy girl ” here folks…and just about every morning would call us over to capture her morning big fat dump….and take my word for it…these babies were works of art…to even rival some of our top College Girls!!!

So watch for the very animated MONA be featured on many of the brand new high definition SAO PAOLO SERIES titles…to be released for sale and download in the coming months.


The Very Gassy RAMONA

March 19th, 2007


Well she has been a GREAT pooper for us over the past year or so…..but we never knew that she also had a knack for passing gas……so after she returned to the studio…and before her morning big dump for us…she had a little something extra up her butt she wanted to share with us….for all of you who have been missing our College Girls breaking wind……hope this great promo from RAMONA gets us back on track again….


Mardavid’s Red Hot TACHEE

March 8th, 2007


You know just about all the time I go on a production shoot and get involved with a ton of new girls…usually ONE
gorgeous garota sticks out and shines like a bright star in the sky. This time it is the incredibly amazing raven
haired poop darling TACHEE that took two steps forward,,,and blew our production crew away…with just the right ” naughty girl ” look.. to an amazing camera presence…words can’t describe this extremely hot new CGP
poop princess!!!
Watch for her on many of the new SAO PAOLO 2007 movies we will be releasing in the coming months….oh
the way she is an extremely gassy girl as well…. for all you ” girl gas ” fans out there!!

We will try to do an ultra unique production with her and one her girlfriends down in Greece this summer as well..needless to say this premium series will GO OFF…watch for it in August!!

all the best

Back From Brazil

March 8th, 2007

Well so sorry for the long absence…but once again have been taking my camera to far off destinations…and getting some pretty spectacular footage wherever I go. Now this time a return trip to Sao Paolo…to hang out with my Portuguese Posse in this very colorful and somewhat kinky setting!!
Had nearly a dozen new HOT Brazilian poopers to entertain me while down there…so together with ALOT of solo
pooping…some contests…some great farting ladies …and a red hot new Lockerroom movie……there will be an
incredible amount of new High Definition footage for all of our awaiting customers…more a little later!!


Post Super Bowl Blues??

February 6th, 2007

We had a great idea recently to take our ever popular Naked In The Kichen series…where many girls get totally butt naked and hang out in Kingdavid’s lavish kitchen…well now we are getting them to pass humongous loads off an extremely high Ikea bar stool onto a target are below…so far Marcdavid’s infamous big load dumper DAISY has squeezed out a couple of fatties in ultra high definition resolution for all to behold!!!

So maybe this Monday you have the Post Super Bowl Blues..unless you were a Colts fan….but take to heart our hot new Poop Series KITCHEN DUMPING will be hitting the stands in the near future!!

as always


February 1st, 2007


Well its the start of a new month here in February of 2007…and I have to admit I am really amazed at the huge turnout of support for
our first new release of this year DIANAH AND COMPANY. It is setting records as we speak…both in downloads and DVD sales…this is
positive news for this format…that does have ALOT of natural potty pooping on it..with many beautiful ladies grunting away on this epic release…we may have to bring the raven haired DIANAH back for a sequel sooner than we think!!

If for some reason you might be one of the very few that have not picked this up yet…three words….GET IT NOW!!!!


We Will NEVER Forget Her

February 1st, 2007


The ultra amazing KAMRYN was with us for almost 2 years ( in this business ..that is an eternity )…unfortunately she has taken a hiatus and moved to Vegas to ” clear her head “….

as you know she has made COUNTLESS movies for us …and is truly in the CGP Hall Of Fame…one can only hope our phone will ring again one day and she will want to do what she does best…look stunningly beautiful in her six foot frame and take BIG hard dumps for us…and well…just be KAMMY.

KAMRYN we love you!!!!!!


The Quirky World Of RAMONA And DRE

January 31st, 2007


this odd girl couple really hit it off with us and each other a few weeks past…..Andrea or DRE as we call her is this
real prim and proper spoiled little rich girl…that for sure has a WILD side to her…and big butt frat girl RAMONA who
is quite the opposite…more free spirited and truly open to the world as far as her deviant fetishes she harbors
within herself…
so it was unlikely that these two would so closely hit it off…but they did!!!!
we engaged them in some bathroom pooping ( with other girls as well )…then we threw them on center stage for none
other than an old fashioned pooping contest…where the loser had to wipe the winner’s butt in all it’s filthy glory!!!
all this hot action can be seen on the upcoming landmark Signature Series title RAMONA AND DRE…catch it when it
comes out!!

as always

Don’t Forget Our Other Sites

January 28th, 2007


Just a reminder..if you want a little diversion from just pooping and are a voyeur in the true sense of the word…please don’t pass up our blockbuster sister sites that are just getting started…they offer ultra hot new Lockerroom bare butt footage…skinny dipping girls and of
course my favorite format…GIRLS MOONING !!! ( that’s right NO thongs!!! )
so anyway….here you go click on to both these sites…pick up a title or two…and enjoy!!!!!

as always

Our Infamous SAO PAOLO 2006 Series

January 28th, 2007


Although we have made three or four awesome trips down to Brazil over the past few years…the 2006 Summer production junket might well
be the hottest one yet…with TWO Lockerroom movies…Poop Contests and solo pooping galore…and some of the most drop dead beautiful poopers we have been blessed to work with to date….this series will be a MUST for everyone. And all you traditional natural potty voyeurs out
there…you are in luck…we feature a ton of that …continuing along with our historic SCATKISS SERIES…you will see one great scene after another on our new SAO PAOLO 2006 line of titles…

so….watch them being released in the coming weeks!!


Meet Rising Star …MARLEE

January 28th, 2007


This hot new College Girl was a natural from the minute she waltzed into our spacious new urban studio in the City Center…she had an uncanny ability to keep your attention…maybe it was her adorable hazel eyes or her perky D Cup boobies…not sure…but this girl LOVED attention and
always wanted to be on camera!!
we thought the pooping thing was going to be a challenge for this lovely 21 year old theater major….but .. NO…this girl having just consumed
a big old breakfast burrito…HAD TO GO…and GO she did…a classic 6 inch log that fit one our lime green poop plates perfectly!!!
The smell was surely pungent…but even that did not embarrass her…so we new she was a keeper…ladies and gentleman meet new CGP Poop
Starlet MARLEE…hopefully you will be seeing this hot scene in one of our later issue EuROsHoTs titles….coming out very soon!!!


Why The Long Time Lapse…In A Nutshell

January 28th, 2007

Steve and Bob…I know you guys have been with us for a long time …and probably remember the original format website with our now somewhat historic ( yet now defunct )…CGP Forum…YOU ARE RIGHT…this Blog DOES seem a bit more difficult to get on…and also to post new subjects…
I will ask our master technicians ASAP how we can remedy this…OK???

As for our absence…great question…I guess different factors were involved…one notably being our experiment into being a ” Members ” site..
which didn’t work out…
to ALOT of world traveling and staff changes thrown in!!

But as of 2007…we believe this will be THE year..sort of the start of a new Golden Age in CGP history..and we are going into it with both guns

As far as new titles…we have a TON that will be going on the Site in short order ( If you like DIANAH..that’s just the tip of the poop iceburg…trust me !! )….

So for the time being…I will treat this Forum simply as a Blog…The World Of Kingdavid to be exact…and I’ll update it all the time…whether
I am shooting here locally…Brazil…the Far can ALWAYS come here to get the bery latest Poop News from around the globe !!!

as always

Blog Is Open To Everyone

January 25th, 2007

Let’s get this Blog happening with your comments…questions and feedback…no need to register …just post a comment on
any of these subject forums…or create a new subject to sink our teeth into…let’s go!!!!!

The World Of Kingdavid Blog

January 22nd, 2007

as far as I can guess this Blog…The World Of Kingdavid…will be open to EVERYONE…all you have to do is register and get a username and password…as time goes by I hope it will be highly interactive…yet for now since it is still brand new even for your King…let’s see how we do with it…I will try to post daily…especially druing my production days and as a diary during world excursions…but also to answer any questions or feedback everone has since our VERY long CGP Forum hiatus…so let’s hear from everyone!!!


Sony High Definition 1080i Format

January 20th, 2007


all of you CGP fans have always marvelled at the unparalleled brilliant digital
video we have produced in recent years…now we take in one step further by
shooting exclusively in Sony 3 Chip 1080i High Definition with the ultra modern
16 by 9 format that fits perfectly all the flat screens that most of you own by
the color and detail is really breathtaking…so sit back and enjoy every second!!!

as always

Sao Paolo Production Trip 2007

January 20th, 2007


we have scheduled yet another extensive production trip down to this
home away from home for us South Of The Border…
I was recently informed of the new crop of young and VERY hot poop
and lockerroom models that we will have at our disposal …we will try to
incorporate new formats…maybe more outside dumping and hot butts
parading around au natural…and thanks to our new Blog…..I should be
able to post in real time when I am down there…with hot pics to boot!!!


EuRoSHoTs Two Debut Release

January 20th, 2007


greetings again….

now here we are introducing the second installment of our hugely successful
new series EuROsHoTs .
once again this is a no nonsense…no frills…meat and potatoes movie with
scene after incredible scene of big dumps from some of our CGP veterans like
along with a couple of new upstarts…notably blonde cheerleader big dumper
ADRYAN…to our new ebony poop darling …19 year old PARKER.
we once again mix up our formats from performance outdoors to some
classic natural potty stuff…we cover ALL bases on this stellar release…a must
for every CGP poop fan!!!!

as always

Happy New Year Everyone!!

January 20th, 2007


Well it has FINALLY come…our consumate new CGP website for 2007 and beyond. This red hot new site will be highly user friendly
and will offer ALOT of new upgrades.I amm kicking off our CGP Forum as well in high fashion announcing a huge new production trip
back down to Sao Paolo for some incredible new High Definition pooping …mooning and hot voyeur style lockerroom footage…more on this to come in the remarkable new CGP website…that kicks off…NOW!!!